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Explore Morelia

Morelia is a carefully preserved city, characterized by splendid buildings of pink stone, baroque structures from the XVI century, for being the capital city of the state of Michoacan, named Heritage of Humanity Site by the UNESCO in 1991. In the city you’ll see the different colonial buildings, walk around the beautiful streets, taste regional dishes and find all kind of souvenirs and typical arts and crafts.

Next we show you some of the tourist attractions in Morelia, Mexico that are a must in your upcoming visit to this colonial city:

  • Cathedral: its construction took 84 years, starting in 1660. Its towers are among the tallest towers in Mexico, reaching the 66.8 meters height; its scenic lightning is a really spectacular show of light, sound and fireworks.
  • Aqueduct: It dates back to the XVIII century and is one of the most representative monuments in Morelia. It’s 1700 meters long and its 253 arches are an esthetic jewel that embellishes Morelia.
  • Romance Alley: Remodeled in 1965, this alley is a lovely example of the quiet public spaces available in Morelia. At its center there’s a couple of pretty fountains and a walk through this alley will let you see some buildings declared Historical Monuments of Mexico.
  • Fountain of the Tarascas: The most famous and probably most beautiful fountain in Morelia, the current Fountain of the Tarascas dates back to 1984 since the original fountain built in 1931 was retired in 1967 and moved to the Obras Publicas warehouse to be placed later in the Recinto Ferial.
  • House of Culture: Its construction began in 1593 and ended in 1619. Throughout its history was used as a prison, parking lot, warehouse and bus station. Today is used for artistic workshops, expositions and culture and art classes.
  • Casa de las Artesanias (Arts & Crafts House): Located in the former convent of San Buenaventura, it currently has the job of preserving and promoting the artisanal popular art.
  • Conservatory of Roses: It’s a baroque style monument that dates back to the XVIII century and is today one of Latin America’s most prestigious music institutions. It’s one of the organizers of the Morelia’s International Music Festival and home to the Morelia’s Chamber Music Orchestra.

Plus, Michoacan is a perfect destination to practice:

  • Ecotourism: In Zirahuen, Los Azufres.
  • Excursions or camping: Zirahuen, Los Azufres.
  • Hiking: Zirahuen.
  • Mountain Biking.
  • Zip Line: Zirahuen, Patzcuaro.
  • Surging: Maruata, the Bucerias Lighthouse, Barra de Nexpa.
  • Diving: Maruata, Bucerias Lighthouse.